EVR 3323 Introduction to Ecosystem Restoration (Undergraduate course)

HOS 6932 Advanced Ecological Restoration (Graduate course)

Offered Spring Semester

EVR 3323 and HOS 6932 are taught concurrently. This course is an introduction to habitat restoration with a focus on Florida and the Southeastern coastal plain. Students will develop an applicable understanding of restoration theory and planning, disturbed land reclamation, wetland and river restoration, invasive species control, community involvement in the restoration process, and related topics. Throughout the course, students will become familiar with the latest research on native plant selection, establishment, and maintenance for restoration purposes.
EVR 3323 syllabus
HOS 6932 syllabus


FOR 5157 Principles of Ecosystem Restoration*

Offered Fall Semester

Biophysical and socioeconomic theories and principles that help restore functional ecosystems, evaluation and monitoring protocols, virtual tours of successful restoration projects, ecological and sociological principles being utilized, interviews with professionals, managers, local citizens and scientists, and a project in which students interact with local restoration project personnel will complement online lectures and chat rooms.

FOR 5157 syllabus


HOS 6070 Plant Materials for Restoration and Conservation*

Offered Odd-year Summer Semester

Proper plant selection, propagation, production, and establishment of native species crucial for ecosystem recovery and efficient use of sparse restoration funds; species and genotype identification; propagation and production of native species; and biological mechanisms behind efficient establishment methods for native species.

HOS 6070 Syllabus

* courses support MS in Ecological Restoration: Online Professional Graduate Degree Program: A team of faculty from UF, Florida A&M, and Alabama A&M including Carrie Reinhardt Adams partnered under the USDA Challenge Grant Program to develop this curriculum in ecological restoration.